Please feel free to download the Mission Kilimanjaro Media Kit to pass along to friends, family, co-workers, and local organizations that may have an interest in our mission! Your support is greatly appreciated! Reach Your Highest Potential!

For a donation of $193.41 become an important part of the Expedition Support Team!

What will you receive for donating your hard earned cash to our mission?

Immediately upon receiving your donation you will receive via mail:
· A Thank You Letter From Our Team
· A No Barriers movie – Mountain Without Barriers
· A copy of
No Excuses by Kyle Maynard

While Our Team Is Hard At Work Climbing Kilimanjaro:·  
· You will have access to a special “donor-only” link that will deliver two live video feeds from the mountain on two special days during the climb – one during the ascent and the second at the peak.

Upon Our Teams Return You Will Receive Via Mail:
· An autographed photo of the team at the summit 
· An Official Mission Kilimanjaro shirt