Mission Kilimanjaro is proud to partner with the 501c3, No Barriers USA. Through the generous support and guidance of No Barriers USA Chairman, Erik Weihenmayer, Mission Kilimanjaro will become a reality in January 2012. Please feel free to learn more about No Barriers USA by visiting www.nobarriersusa.org.

No Barriers USA

Mission Statement: The purpose of No Barriers is to promote innovative ideas, approaches, and assistive technologies which help people with disabilities push through their own personal barriers to live full and active lives.

"For years, No Barriers has been in the business of helping people with challenges shatter those personal barriers which stand in the way of their goals and dreams. This January, we have teamed up with Kyle Maynard and Team Kilimanjaro, a group of military and non-military individuals, who together will change the perception of disability around the world.

As we continue to grow and evolve, we hope to create a singular and unified No Barriers Nation, that is to say a place where people faced with a challenge first look for answers to the questions that they feel inhibit their chance to live full and active lives. We feel Mission Kilimanjaro is more than just about a climb. It is an objective that will inspire others and transform perspectives of what is possible through a No Barriers pioneering mind set.

We believe through this expedition, we can permanently impact lives by educating all people with challenges that they can fulfill their dreams despite obstacles."

Erik Weihenmayer, Chairman of No Barriers USA